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Are you going to capture those family memories

before the children grow up and fly the nest?

Making treasured memories of the family

can be one of the most special gifts for relatives near and far.

But do you worry about what it will be like to have a family photo taken? 

Will the children have a good time too? 

Will the photographer be patient and take her time? 

Get the best out of the session and the best out of all of the people there? 


Tova is a mum herself of two lively and lovely children and fully understands all of the concerns that a family may have when it comes to getting the most out a photography session. 


Tova prides herself on capturing the smiles,

fun and energy of a family,

whilst creating a beautiful moment in time. 

She likes to make sure time is taken to make all of her family sessions as wonderful as they can be,

but only long enough so parents, babies and children are not hanging around too long resulting in an unhappy little crowd.


Tova specialises in:

Milestone birthdays and occasions photography

Kids Photography

Family compositions

Included in all Tova’s work is post production work and correction work.


All parents want to mark their childrens’ journey through life and many regret not having more photos of the family or leaving it just too late.

Before they know it,

their children are ready for University and collage! 

Time with a professional photographer is like creating a little time capsule of a moment of a childs life. 


Some families like to have group photos around the holidays ,

or simply the start of a new school in fresh new uniforms – photographs for the grandparents, proud aunts and uncles.

  Or maybe an anniversary or birthday?

  Again, all marking the passing of time and the journey through family life.


So how does Tova put together her compositions? 

Her expert eye is a result of 13 years of experience and she continually challenges herself to take better and more beautiful photos. 

Whether it be outside in the park, with the children running free or in her home studio, with the perfect lighting and controlled conditions, the work looks fresh and personal to each family.  Tova doesn’t believe in the stiff family posed shots, but she will always add her professional style to all her work.  Work she is so proud to undertake for all of her families.

Tova trained in Israel and her work has taken her all around Europe and the UK.  Tova’s home studio is based in Salford, but she can travel in the surrounding Salford and Greater Manchester area.


She would love you to take a look at all of her work and feel free to call or email for details and to talk through all of your requirements to make your experience truly personal, comfortable and a joy of an occasion.


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