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Saunders Bar Mitzvah

Deborah is a really good friend of mine so I was very happy when she hired me to take family pictures before her son’s Bar Mitzva.

What a lovely background for this group of family portraits! Deborah wanted the pictures in the flower gardens across the road from St. Mary’s Park on Bury New Road. It was my first time going there and I was very pleasantly surprised! The flowers were absolutely amazing!

The photo shoot was scheduled for the middle of August, but being long time residents of Manchester, the family knew it would be a good idea to factor in the rain we are so often blessed with here, and had prepared an indoor location for Plan B, but fortunately it wasn’t necessary; the weather was perfect so we could stick with Plan A!

I enjoyed taking these beautiful pictures of the ‘Man of the Hour’ and his family. He looks so good in his new suit and hat, and his colourful tie makes him look really handsome.

Together with the parents and siblings of the Bar Mitzvah boy, the grandparents and parents’ siblings also came so we could take some lovely group shots as well as many individual portraits. I love it when the Grandparents join for the family pictures; I think it is so important as it emphasises the bond between the generations, especially at this important time when the young man is becoming a full fledged adult and joining his parents and ancestors in their journey of serving Hashem.

The two year brother was having a delightful time running around whilst waiting patiently – or as patiently as a two year old can – for his turn in front of the camera. I got some gorgeous shots of him which the family really loved. He was so cute and friendly! I am sure he will look every bit as handsome as his big brother by the time Deborah asks me to do his Bar Mitzva portraits!

What is your favourite outdoor location for family pictures? I am always happy to try out new places, so just give me a call to 07757695599 and we can arrange it to your satisfaction.

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