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The Gorgeous Sisters

The mother of these five gorgeous girls called me to arrange a photo shoot, and we scheduled a day and time as usual.

When they came for their session, they were all so sweet, friendly and happy that I really enjoyed taking their pictures.

Taking family pictures with young children can sometimes be a challenge because it is hard to get everyone looking at the camera at the same instant; you will usually get one child turning around or sneezing just as everyone else is in the perfect pose, but it is a challenge I enjoy!

I also take many individual pictures and then can create a collage of the children which is also a lovely way of having group photos.

But this time I actually did manage to catch them in the right second. I had them all look up at a point on the ceiling, and to my surprise, even the baby somehow did the same! Of course I also took loads of individual poses, with each girl separate and also in twos and threes. I enjoyed seeing how they all loved each other and were so happy together.

Here is the mother’s testimonial which she kindly wrote for me.

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS... I have no words to thank you Tova, for the exquisite photography of my gorgeous girls k'ah!!! Each print is more gorgeous than the next and are bringing so many people so much joy!!! You are so friendly in your manner and so professional in your work, a fantastic balance for children's photography!! Each photo is masterfully edited to perfection and the results are absolutely stunning! You have captured the character and beauty of each precious child and I wholeheartedly recommend your work to anyone looking for beautiful photographs!!

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