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Toni got to know me through LinkedIn and asked me to photograph him, as he needed to update his website with new photos. He also wanted a short video clip.

We met on a sunny winter day in Manchester City Centre. Since it was during lockdown, and it was early morning, it was really quiet and relaxed, and there was plenty of empty space around us – perfect for photos and videos.

It was interesting to listen to Toni’s story; he told me how he came to Manchester from Spain, and his journey from foreign émigré to the successful businessman he is now. I love to hear success stories, and people – especially my clients – always amaze me with what they have been through and how they have used their challenges as stepping stones for growth.

So, we start taking photos and video footage in Manchester City Centre. We took some shoots in the Medieval Quarter and then we walked to the Central Library and took photos there as well. For Toni it was nostalgic to be there, as when he started his career he worked from the library, so we were rather disappointed to see the library closed, due to lockdown.

We had planned to go inside to take photos but since it was closed we decided to make the best of it; we took photos outside instead and they still came out fabulous.

After that we walked to the Work Space where Toni likes to work from. Toni really wanted some pictures of him giving a presentation, but due to lockdown this wasn’t possible. Instead we asked a few people who were in the work space to sit down around the table and pretend to be listening to his speech. They were quite excited to be included in a photo shoot – who knows; maybe they will decide to call me for their own!

Toni loves to listen to Rock Music and we took some photos of him listening to music; it's important to share your hobbies with your audience, it shows your personality, and that you are real!

Toni very kindly wrote me a lovely testimonial which he is happy for me to share.

"I had an idea of the photos and video. I wanted to tell my story since I moved to Manchester and the last 5 years of running my own business, so it was definitely a big challenge ahead for anyone to take on. I am so grateful that I got in touch with Tova, as she did a brilliant job, guiding me throughout the entire process of taking the photos and filming the video, which made the whole experience easy and enjoyable! She went above and beyond to get to know my story, my business and my needs, and as a result she produced a perfect video, and some wonderful pictures of me that I needed for my website and social media channels. I would highly recommend Tova to any business person, as she is very professional, approachable, passionate & a very unique person."

I love to take photos for entrepreneurs, and create a bank of Photos and Videos for them, so each time they post something on social media, website or blog they can attach a different photo.

I always tell my clients, if you want people to buy from you, they first need to:

know you...

trust you...

love you...

...and then they will buy from you

The pictures that they post regularly of themselves, together with more content, increase the chances for potential clients to get to know them. Especially now when more and more people are using the internet to search for information, it’s super important to brand yourself/your business to look the best, successful, real and open to new opportunities.

Be you, because there is no one in the world that is exactly like you, you have personal gifts that no one else can offer. Just keep being enthusiastic and true to yourself – your clients will feel it and it will be much easier for them to contact you and to do business with you.

Would you like discuss your personal branding photos and video? To take your brand to a new level, let’s have chat with no obligation and I’ll listen to your ideas. Call me 07757695599, send me email or click here to book a time through zoom.


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