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Babis Bagel Shop -Clips-

When we go to Zurich we always like to stop in this lovely cafe, Babis bagel shop.

It is a beautiful cosy place, and they serve delicious food.

A few years ago Lea the owner asked me to help her prepare a presentation for the screen in her shop which clients can watch while they are waiting to be served. So we purchased photos from online stock and added text and music to make it interesting.

The reason we could buy pictures from stock is that the food she sells is like in the photos, very universal... salad, cup of coffee, orange juice, soup etc. We realised that it will take far too long to take photos of the food with nice props, etc, and it was simpler to buy the pictures and make a nice video from it. But just because the pictures all look the same, the taste and service is incomparable – you won’t find that anywhere else!

Now before we travelled to Zurich again of course I called Lea to see if there is something else we can do.

Although it was very last minute, Lea is spontaneous and able to work on short notice. She asked me to come to her café and video her preparing food for the shop, so I made my way to the kitchen area with my camera equipment and videoed Lea and the workers while they were preparing the food and serving their customers.

Lea was really happy with her new video clip and is looking forward to using it in her shop.

If you are ever in Zurich I highly recommend you pop in for some delicious food and drinks, all served with a smile – and look out for my videos and tell me if you like them! Do you want to have a video clip for yourself or your business? Call me today for a free consultation 07757695599 or email me at


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