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Baby Photography

Sara contacted me because she wanted photos of her new born baby. He is 3 weeks old and she really wanted some nice photos while he is still tiny, with that innocent new born charm which fades so quickly.

Luckily, I was available that morning so Sara came to my studio with her adorable little baby. The baby was so small and sweet, and Sara, his mother, was lovely.

Sara just wanted a few photos to have as a memory of this age. Babies grow so fast and especially at this age, every week they grow and look so different.

The baby was sleeping in the beginning of the session, and then he woke up. Maybe he wanted to see what was going on! So we were able to take pictures of him sleeping and also awake. We managed to get a lovely picture with his eyes open.

Which pictures do you like better – when the baby is sleeping or awake?


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