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Cake Smash


Gemma phoned me and asked if I possibly can do a Cake Smash Photo shoot of her daughter Elodie and of course I said yes. I love taking photos of babies!

Gemma and her baby arrived at my studio on a lovely Tuesday morning. We started with Gemma having her make-up done by Leah_makeup_artist, a specialist makeup artist who works with me.

After Leah did her magic we all went into the studio to start with the exciting photo session. First I took some gorgeous mother and baby portraits, and then of each of them separately.

It's very challenging to photograph 1 year old babies because when they are very small you just put them on the floor/chair/buggy and they stay there and smile, and when they are 2-3 years, they can understand enough to do what you tell them.

1 year old babies aren’t like that, they don’t understand what you want from them, and are usually very active and want to move around to explore the exciting world around them!

Gemma cleverly brought with beautiful balloons and lots of toys. It’s always a good idea to bring with you accessories that your baby is familiar with and keep them busy.

After we took the regular portrait photos, we were ready for the grand Cake Smash… but guess what? The baby was afraid of touching the cake! We thought she would enjoy tasting the cake but no, she was scared!! Actually a while ago I had another client with a cake smash and the baby was also scared of the cake and didn’t want to touch it, so I wasn’t surprised and knew that it could happen. I suggested to Gemma that possibly her baby is tired; they should go home have a good sleep and come back later.

Fortunately, I was free that afternoon and didn’t have anything special planned so I was able to continue later. After a few hours they came back fresh and ready to start over again. This time Gemma came with her father to help her to cheer the baby on. Elodie was still afraid; we tried and tried so many ways but she just wasn’t having it! Eventually she surprised us and tentatively approached the cake so we did get some beautiful shots. In few years time when she grows up her mother will tell her the story and both will have a good laugh!


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