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Cheese Cake Party

My friend organised a cheesecake party before the Shavuot festival, the holiday where we celebrate receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai. It is customary to eat milk and cheese products on this holiday and women tend to enjoy making all sorts of delicious cheesecakes for the holiday.

So a group of local women arranged a cheesecake competition and many women came with their cakes they had baked. They all looked so good!

There were supposed to be three judges for the competition and one couldn’t come so when the MC asked for a volunteer from the audience, I was happy to do it. We had to judge each creation based on how good it looked, how easy it was to make – we received the recipe to look at – and of course how delicious it tasted. It was really fun to taste all those delicious cheesecakes! We all gave our opinions with ready numbered cards and the scores went up on a big screen for all the ladies to see the results.

Funnily enough, the winning entry was actually not a real cheesecake, but a dairy-free version made with liquidised tinned pineapple, which turned out to be the easiest, prettiest and even the tastiest!

The truth is it was hard to judge as they were all so good, but it was definitely a fun evening out, and all the participants went home with a colourful printed recipe book of all the cheesecakes in the competition.

Do you like cheese cake? Look at these stunning photos and tell me which ones you would have chosen as the winner – though you will have to choose based on looks, not taste!


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