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Chocolate Photography

I think chocolate is one of the very few treats that everyone agrees is good. As a gift to show appreciation or love, or as a treat for yourself – especially when you need a ‘pick-me-up’, chocolate is sure to hit the spot.

When Ra’anan from R & M Fine Chocolate asked me to photograph his delicious products, I was thrilled to do it. Who wouldn’t enjoy working with such beautiful looking, and good tasting treats?! The pictures you see here are from two separate photo sessions; Raanan wanted professional pictures for his website, and as he was so happy with the pictures, he came back with different chocolates for a second session.

I very much like the business vision of R & M. According to the founders, their twin mission is to spread their chocolate love and to keep their prices as low as possible to make artisan chocolates available to everyone.

Raanan, the head chocolatier in this family run business, was previously a senior officer at an international chemical factory, when he discovered the amazing world of tastes, pleasures and fun of chocolate. Initially, making chocolate was a (delicious!) hobby, but after years of learning and practising the art of making fine chocolates, Raanan developed his business and founded R & M. All of their products are Kosher under the supervision of the Manchester Beth Din.

Do you like chocolate? What would you choose to photograph if you could choose anything?


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