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Elie, Photos in Little Venice

On my last visit to London, I went to visit Little Venice after I received a recommendation from someone on WhatsApp Status when I was asking around for a nice place to go with a friend.

As you know, I love exploring new places; I get very bored of visiting the same places again and again!

Each time I go to London I try to visit new neighbourhoods – if you have any nice ideas for me I’m always open to hearing about them.

I went with my friend to Little Venice and although it was a very short walk, it was full of energy and I loved it!

Here are some photos I took --isn't it a beautiful spot in the busy London environment?

Then I spoke to my client, Mr Elie Gutwirth from Leeside Digital. Based in North West London, Leeside Digital is a full-service digital marketing and strategy solution for eCommerce businesses of every size and at every stage.

We were thinking about where would be an ideal place to do the photo session. After batting around some ideas, Elie suggested Little Venice! Since I had just been there I was enthusiastic about going back to take more pictures as I had seen how good it would be as a background for profile pictures.

Elie and I met up in Little Venice. The weather was a dream and it's a really lovely place to take pictures, as it contains the features I look for when deciding on a venue for an outdoor photo session, such as different walls for the background – I love to try different textured backgrounds, and great cafes to sit with laptops. Obviously, we asked permission to take photos there and the café workers were happy to agree. I think next time I have clients in London I'll go there again.

What do you think? Do you see how the background is so much more effective than just taking the pictures in a studio?


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