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Family Dean

Margery Dean contacted me after she saw my website, as she wanted to have some up-to-date family portraits. We booked a time for a consultation, which is something that I highly recommend my clients do, as the photo shoot – and the final pictures – are so much better if we have had a preliminary chat.

During the consultation we get to know each other, I listen to the clients wishes and we discuss what their expectations are. Then I can advise them what to bring or wear, and I develop quite a good idea of how I am going to take their pictures.

Margery came with her husband and we had a lovely chat where we discussed what exactly she wanted.

We had to wait few weeks till her daughters had a free Sunday, and when they finally came I was so happy to meet them all.

We started with professional makeup by Leah Bookman, a lovely makeup artist. I tell my clients that when makeup is done well, you look at the pictures afterwards and you can't even tell that you are wearing makeup; it all looks so natural because it brings out your own inner beauty.

While Leah was working her magic on Margery and her girls, I set up the studio for the pictures and starting taking photos of their father, Jack.

When Leah was finished mother and daughters looked truly beautiful, and I was ready to take the family pictures.

We took pictures individually and together, and they came out really good. I like it when my clients know exactly what they want, and I'm happy to follow their wishes. We had so much fun and a really good time together, and I'm sure that they will treasure their photos forever.


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