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Family Hoffman

It was such a pleasure to photograph this gorgeous family.

Family Hoffman came to Manchester for the summer holidays from London, as many people do, and after we met I told her that I'm a photographer. Libbi Hoffman had never done professional family portraits before so she decided to take the opportunity while they were on holiday and everyone was available. It was a real treat for the children to do something exciting like this and they really enjoyed it.

We booked a time for a session but as we weren’t sure what the weather would be like (it is Manchester after all!) we decided that although our Plan A was to take the pictures in nearby Mandley Park, if it was raining we would use my new studio, just across the road from the park, as Plan B. Fortunately the weather was really nice so we met up in the park like we wanted to and began to take pictures.

Libbi’s sister came with to help, which was a very good idea. It’s always useful to have another person come along to help for family portraits, especially when there are young children involved.

The family have bli ayin hara 5 beautiful daughters, from toddler to pre-teen, and they were all so sweet and co-operative, that it was a real pleasure to take their pictures. We did individual and family poses, as well as some with and without the parents.

Do you have recent family portraits?

Summer holidays are a great opportunity as everyone is together, and the weather is usually good so outdoor pictures can be taken.

These photos will be treasured forever. The kids grow up so fast and pictures allow us to keep the memories of their younger years from this year to year.

Think how dear or precious your childhood family pictures are, with your parents and siblings. We always like to look back at those pictures and relive our childhood memories. Why not give your children this gift?

How much would you pay to have photos from your great grandparents? We are so lucky to have photography much easier nowadays.

You know how when you take your own pictures, one of the parents are always missing because they are taking the picture? Or else you ask a passerby to take the picture for you but how good will the picture be? Family pictures need to have all the family members in – what a shame when one is missing because they are taking the picture!

Don’t wait! The perfect time to take photos is NOW!!

Call me today and I'll give you all the info. And remember, now that I have a dedicated studio, I am happy to offer you anything from one picture to a whole package. Obviously, the packages work out cheaper, but you can always come in just for one picture!


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