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Family Lasri

I met Rosie just before the summer holidays and she told me that she has wanted a new

family portrait for a long time. Her dining room wall is big and empty and she would love a

large family picture there.

We discussed a few locations and I told her about a lovely place where I like to walk, and

always think how nice it would be to take pictures there.

After they came back from their family break we met on a lovely Sunday afternoon and we

photographed this beautiful family.

The kids enjoyed the session and we all had fun.

After choosing the photos, I asked Rosie to reply to these questions:


 Tell me more about yourself, your background, and where you were born and raised.

I was born and raised in Manchester, and my husband is from Paris.

I work as a career adviser; I help people to find jobs that are right for them.


Can you give 3 tips for people that want to succeed in their family life, or that make them successful parents?

 1. Daven

2. Love your children unconditionally

3. Make sure they know it!

If you can go back, what would you have done differently?

I would have gone to medical school when I was young.

How would you describe these words?

Success: to be a good mom

Happiness: when my kids are happy

Love: the feelings I have towards my kids and my husband

What 3 values do you think you have delivered to your kids?

1.       To do Chesed

2.       To be happy with what we have

3.       And to care about others

If you would write a book about your life, how would you name it?

I wouldn’t write a book!

Who gives you inspiration?

My mother-in-law. She is an incredible woman, an amazing wife and mother, I wish I could

be like her.

How do you balance between family and work?

When I work it out I will let you know!

What is the biggest gift you would want to get from your kids?

Their love, they should love me as much as I love them

What do you wish for yourself and your family in the future?



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