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Family Photos in Peel Park Salford

These beautiful vibrant family portraits are in one of my favourite locations – Peel Park in Salford. The park is located on the flood plain of the River Irwell below Salford Crescent. I run a walking group - I’ll tell you more about that another time, and this one started at 6.30 am in the park. (I’m an early bird – I like to start my day as early as I can, but I know this doesn’t work for everyone…)

The family I was photographing today drove out to the park and met me at 8 – I always find the best time for taking pictures with young children is in the morning. I tell my clients – when the children wake up, give them something to eat and bring them. They have the most energy then and are less likely to be bored and fed up.

It had just started to rain and we didn’t know what to do but fortunately it cleared up shortly afterwards.

Shalva is Israeli, as I am, and I’ve known her for some time, and her husband is French – whenever I meet someone French it reawakens my long-standing dream to learn the language!

Aim Habonim – a local school for special children ran a big fundraiser recently and I felt I wanted to help because I am so amazed at the work they do for the community. I offered to donate a family photo session for people who donate to the charity. There were 3 lucky winners – Shalva’s uncle was one of then a and he gifted the voucher to his niece and her family.

The photo shoot took about an hour, and the children, aged 2 and 5, loved running around the flowers in between pictures. I like these candid pictures almost as much as the posed ones – you can see the love and happiness in this gorgeous family so clearly.

I love how the colours of the grass and flowers create such a vibrant colourful background for the pictures.

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