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Family Rosenhead Photo Session

Mr Rosenhead contacted me before the summer holidays as he wanted to come and

have photos taken of all his family. There are 4 children, 3 of whom are married with

kids of their own, and one of the families, who live in Israel, was here for the

summer. It was a great opportunity to take pictures since everyone was together.

At our pre-photo consultation, we decided that we would photograph each family

separately and create a big collage, as well as lots of individual and group pictures.

The families arrived and we started taking pictures; it was really enjoyable to take

pictures of this family as there was a really good camaraderie between them all.

As you can see the 2 boys are identical twins, which made things more fun!

I photographed each family by themselves, and then the kids of each family, the

couples together and each child had a portrait alone.

Then the proud grandparents wanted a photo, first with all the grandkids and then

with all the adults.

After that, it was time for the outdoor pictures. Do you remember I told you that my

studio is opposite a lovely green park?

We all went out to the park and I photographed them all again...the grandchildren

with their aunty, and then by themselves. Look at these gorgeous pictures and see

how special it was to have the whole extended family together.

I love photographing families, especially a few generations together. It’s a real

privilege for me to be able to capture these fantastic moments.

My mission is to create memorable photos for the amazing people I meet and I'm

looking forward to photographing you as well.


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