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Gareth & Natasha

Natasha’s story starts with the charity Embassy.

Embassy is a fabulous society, which takes homeless people to shelters for the night and then helps rehabilitate them into society.

I had been advertising Doorstep Portraits during Lockdown, with appropriate social distancing in place, to help families create a beautiful souvenir of how they survived the lockdown as a strengthened family unit.

People loved the idea and I was really busy. AS I was bringing people out of their homes to their doorsteps to take the pictures, it made me really think about the poor homeless people whom Embassy are helping and I wanted do my bit to help so I offered to donate 50% of the profits of these photo sessions to them.

Someone who was amazed by what the charity is doing donated 2 photo sessions to be won.

Winners were nominated on my Instagram account and 2 lucky people were selected; Natasha was one of them!

Natasha and Gareth have recently moved to a new house in Middleton and they wanted the pictures in their own new garden. They live in a beautiful neighbourhood with a lovely playground near their house. They are such natural people and they wanted their pictures to reflect that. No rigid poses for this family!

Everyone loves Natasha – just look at these gorgeous pictures and you can see what a nice person she is!

And I really enjoyed working with the kids; they are so cute and friendly. I would love to take annual pictures of my new friends to watch how their children are growing.

You can see here some pictures of an old man inside the house

– but they don’t look like my usual style pictures, do they?! Here’s the secret; at one point, the children were getting a bit tired and fed up so I gave them a special treat – we went inside and I let them use my camera to take pictures of their Grandpa. What proud photographers they were!

I like to listen to my clients – they all have their preferences, some like to have their photo shoot indoors, at home, some prefer my brand-new studio and other like the park.

Where is your favourite picture location?

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