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Judaica *Shop Photos*

I took these photos for a new shop, Manchester Judaica on Bury New Road as they wanted to have professional photos of the shop. As the name suggests, they sell all the Jewish things which people need for their homes, eg candlesticks, prayer items, Jewish books, etc. The shop floor is very attractively laid out with all sorts of lovely items, and downstairs, there is a massive selection of books.

The shop is really beautiful and filled with everything you need for yourself or for a gift. They have a wonderful selection of gift items, so if you need to treat someone – or yourself – go and have a look what they have.

I like the way it is very clean and tidy, and you get fantastic service from the attentive shop staff. I bought a beautiful pair of candlesticks for myself which caught my eye when I was taking the photos, and I am so glad I did. I really like them!

For a shop to make a good impression on the internet, whether it is for Google map, advertising, or their own websites, it is essential to have good pictures. I can come to your shop at a time that suits you and take professional pictures of your stock, and your shop in general, which will show your potential clients that it is worth coming to you!

It is not always easy to take welcoming pictures of a shop; getting the right angle and lighting to capture it correctly can be quite challenging, so it is a very worthwhile investment to call a professional to do it for you.

Give me a call 07757695599–

I am more than happy to come to your shop and give you a quote for some pictures that will definitely make people want to visit.


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