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I've known Meira for a long time; we met at a local networking event and since then, we've become friends. Meira is a dentist and has wanted, for a very long time, to have some photos showing her with her patients in the practice.

Meira wanted to focus on the personal service she gives her patients . Although professionalism is important, the personal and caring attitude, smiling, and really listening to the patients are crucial for satisfied patients , and this is what Meira wanted to show.

I have also done some filming, but they wanted to do the editing in-house. I love to see how my clients are passionate about what they do, and it's important they showcase their behind-the-scenes so potential clients can get to know them and reach out to them.

Thank you Meira for your kind words: ''I recently had the pleasure of working with Tova, an exceptional photographer/videographer. Tova’s attentive listening, remarkable patience, and absolute commitment to perfection truly sets her apart. She not only meets expectations but goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking outstanding visual content and hereby wants to take their business to the next level! ''

If you want to upgrade your branding to take your business marketing to the next level with photos that tell your story, give me a call for a free consultation.


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