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Musical Clips

Here is a clip I videoed and edited for the singer Avrumy Samet. He wanted to create a clip for a new song which he composed. It is such a heart-warming song and sounds so beautiful, especially with the children’s voices.

After thinking about the concept of the song, Mr Samet decided to have the clip videoed in a home environment, and on a cold winter day (as you can see it was raining outside), we created this clip. It was really fun – and actually a real privilege – to do something like this. The kids behaved amazingly, even the little one. They really enjoyed it.

Since it was raining, we needed to stay inside most of the time but in the end, we did manage to take some footage in the garden. The singer and I were both so pleased with how the clip came out, and in the short time since it went viral, the song has already become very popular.

It's interesting how videoing a clip works. As you can see, there are many different tiny clips put together and I had to keep making sure that the lip movements of Mr Samet and his sons were consistent with the song being sung, to make it appear as if they were singing it in real-time. It looks funny when the lips do not match the sound – they look like they are singing something different to what is being played! The same goes for the bit where the keyboardist is playing; I needed to get his finger movements to match the lyrics exactly! While I was videoing the song, the singer sang it over and over, many times, to get it perfect. It really takes time to edit it carefully to make sure it matches 100%; it was a real challenge but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this clip.


Here is a new clip that actually my husband filmed and Mr Almasi did again a fantastic job by creating such a wonderful clip!

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