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New Studio

I have been waiting 15 years to make this announcement:

I am so excited to share my news with you! After 15 years of having my photography studio in my house. I finally have my own, dedicated studio where I can really give my clients the attention and space they deserve.

I have been looking for a new place for my studio for a whole year now, and finally, with great gratitude to Hashem for helping me find the ideal place, I am super excited to invite you to come and see my new studio. (And I won’t deny that my family will be thrilled to have their front room back!)

My new studio is centrally located at 51A Leicester Road, on top of Bambini, right in the middle of the local high street.

Here is a reminder of the services I can offer you;

Photography; Business Headshots,

Family, kids and babies portraits

Commercial and products

Video filming and editing

Photography workshops

Give me a call to hear about our fabulous opening offers. I can’t wait to hear from you and let you experience my upgraded service in my brand-new studio!


Jul 17, 2022

so happy for you that u got such a great studio in sucha perfect location and wish u lots of hatzlacha there

the video of the singer is fantastic too!

keep up your great work!

lol your trustee!


Jul 15, 2022

I am so pleased for you @Tova SCHPRECHER

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