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Philip's Personal Branding Photoshoot

Philip contacted me and said that he needs some new photos for his personal branding on his website. I have done this for Philip in the past, but he wanted to update his page with fresh pictures, so I travelled to his office in Sandbach, a lovely city near Manchester which I had never heard of before. I love discovering new places so it was a treat for me! It was a Friday morning and the weather was beautiful. We started by taking some pictures in his office and then we walked to the nearby canal. Along the way we took photos by the greenery on the roadside. After the canal we travelled to the city centre, a lovely charming place, where we took photos in the coffee shop and near some old beautiful buildings.

Philip had brought along few outfits to make the session more interesting. I always recommend this so not all your photos look the same.

Personal Branding is one of my favourite areas of photography; if you want to brand yourself or your business, pictures are one of the best ways of doing it. It helps your clients connect with you before they even call or meet with you. The trick is to show them who you are from different angles and activities as this is proven to create connections and build trust.

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