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Puffers, what's your favourite?

Although I mainly do portrait photography, I also do product photography from time to time and I'm always happy to help businesses showcase their products with professional photos.

You can see here the photos I took of this Puffers snack; it was really nice for me to see it in print in our local advertiser. People tend to view product photography as a very simplistic style of work, but there is so much skill and art involved to get the pictures in the right angles, and with the correct combination of shadow and light. I find it a challenge which I really enjoy – taking an inanimate object and creating pictures which look so real.

Click here to see more product photography from clients whom I have worked for, whose products have been commercially advertised.

If you are trying to sell anything on your website, eBay, amazon, or even for adverts and fliers for products in your shop, you can increase your selling chances exponentially by using top quality pictures of your products.

Give me a call to see how I can help you sell your products. 07757695599


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