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Video for Photographers

Have you always wanted your clients to see you working behind the scenes? Or perhaps

you wanted to have a video clip to show on your website and social media to show your

potential clients how a session looks like. ..... You can even offer your clients a unique and

original extra with their photography session pictures - a video clip which shows you taking

their pictures.

I think when our clients and customers see how we work, in the parts which are not

usually visible, it creates a certain level of relationship with the business, as they get

to know our usually unrevealed sides.

It shows our clients how we work and how it looks from a different perspective, and

makes them want to know more.

Since photography is my passion, I am now starting a new project of videoing other

photographers while they work, to create a beautiful video clip for them to use on

their website and social media. If prospective clients can see you in real life, taking

pictures for other people, it is more likely to make them want to use your services as


Why choose me?

As a photographer myself, I know what will be the best capturing points and will be

able to suggest great ideas to make sure you will get the best clip to show your


In this clip below you can see how I videoed Julia Harris, a photographer in Sale

while she photographed her client

This is what Julia wrote for me:

Tova created a fantastic marketing video for my Brand Photography business. It perfectly shows

behind the scenes of one of my photo-shoots, in the studio. Fabulous service from start to finish.

Thank you Tova xxx

So if you are a photographer based in the North West and would love to have a

fantastic video clip and a special price, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.


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