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Whitefield Shul

The Induction of Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag as Rabbi of The Whitefield Hebrew Congregation. Inducted in to office by Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis KBE

In Whitefield Shul they have a new Rav, whose induction was supposed to be celebrated a few months ago, but was postponed because of the death of the Queen. It was rescheduled for this past Monday and they asked me to come and take photos and videos. I was so excited to be part of such a special occasion.

When I arrived at the shul it was full of people and there was such a feeling of excitement. The shul and family members were all very well dressed for this momentous occasion.

I was so impressed how well organised the event was. The speeches were wonderful, and you can watch the songs on the video here.

After the speeches there was a lovely reception which was very well enjoyed by all.

The environment in Whitefield shul is very welcoming and encouraging for all to come and join services and events, from young to old, especially on Shabbat morning.

The shul arranges lots of fantastic activities for teenage boys and girls, as well as special celebrations for Bar and Bat Mitzva. It was a really inspiring event and I was so proud to take a part in it from behind my camera.

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