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Price List for Family, Kids & Baby Photography

How much does it cost for a family/kids photo session?

It depends on how many photos you choose!

I'll take many photos of your family, after that you will watch your photos and choose them.

You can choose 1 photo, 5 photos. or 50 photos, it's entirely up to you!

My job is to make you want all of them (-;

Do I pay for your time?

No, you pay only for the photos you choose after the session.

Where are you taking photos?

  1. In my studio (51a Leicester Road, Salford, M7 4AS)

  2. In the park

  3. At your house 

Travelling outside my studio may cost extra.


Can you give me the CD with all the photos?​

No. you will get the photos that you have chosen as a digital file to share with family and friends.


Are you doing enlargements, wall art, and canvas prints? 

yes! of course! there are different wall art in different sizes that I can offer to you.


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