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Are you starting your photography business? Even if you are few years in business already, some of this information can still be useful.

In this page I'll share with you some information that can help you to take your business to the next level.
If you have any questions please be in touch, I’ll be happy to help you.



Are you thinking of creating a website?

I have created my website with WIX. I choose WIX as it's very easy to design and they have a fantastic Customer service for any questions you have.

If you need help to create your website, I'm happy to help.



Are you taking credit cards from your clients?

If not, I highly recommend Square Up. I have been using them for few years and I keep telling anyone with a business to sign up as it really helps them (and me – as I’ll explain soon.)

The advantages of taking a credit card that it gives you more flexibility for your clients when asking for payment. You can also charge American Express as well as cards from abroad!

What is so cool about them is that you have no registration fee, no commitment and no monthly fee!!! They do take a percentage from each transaction which you charge your client, but--here is the good news;

For the first £1000 that your clients pay you, you will get it full with no transaction fee.

AND listen to this – if you find them anther client and they register through your link, you get another £1000, or 3 months, fee free. You can do this again and again...

So if you are interested in signing up, please register with my link  (Click Here) so I can get again the ....£1000

Please read all the term and condition in their website. By the way, they have a fantastic English based customer service.

Content writing

Green Typewriter

If you need help with writing, for someone that will make sure that your articles are written correctly I highly recommend Mrs Russi Deutsch of The Write House House.
She does all my writing for my website.
I send her my content and she writes it nicely for me to post on my website.
She can be contacted on




I'm really lucky to have a printing lab 2 minutes walk from my studio.

If you need to print pictures, buy albums or print your photos on watches, cup and so much more, Snapshot is the address. They do excellent quality printing and really good customer service.
44  Leicester Road, Salford  -0161 425 8286.




I insure my photography gear with eversure

So far I haven’t had to claim back anything but they have a good customer service.



Many people are asking me which camera to buy.

I tell them that there are so many types of cameras/lenses and every camera is good for a different use and different budget.

I suggest you call the shop and ask them

WEX have a shop near Piccadilly train station if you live in Manchester and also a good phone line.

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