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Avrohom reached out to me because he wanted to update his portrait for his dating resume. We decided on an outdoor, natural photoshoot session. He also mentioned that he struggles with smiling naturally in photos.

We met in a local park. I believe in capturing genuine smiles, not just by asking people to smile, as that can sometimes result in an unnatural smile. Instead, I engage with them by asking questions and listening to their dreams and desires.

In Avrohom's case, I asked him about his dreams and what would make him happy. He expressed his desire to get married. So, he envision himself and his future wife taking a pleasant nature walk and enjoying each other's company.

This approach resulted in a natural and fantastic expression that I simply needed to capture. Now, Avrohom has fantastic photos to enhance his dating resume. You can even see the 'before' photo he had and notice the differences.

When sharing a personal portrait for a resume or business purposes, it's essential to feel confident about sharing your photo with others.

If you're interested in updating your profile, I'm here to assist you. Here's how it works: We'll schedule a time to chat, during which you can let me know the kind of photos you're aiming for and the purpose behind them. Then, we'll arrange a suitable time for your personalized photo session. You deserve to have a photo that truly reflects who you are in the best possible way.

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