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Family Photo Session

Family Teitelbaum came from London for a wedding and took the opportunity to come and have photos. It is so rare for large, busy families to find the time when everyone’s schedules allow them to do something together, so this was the perfect opportunity for them; they were all here, and as they were away from home, there was none of their usual busy things they had to do.

It was such a pleasure to photograph such a lovely family! The kids co-operated really well and the parents were very happy with the results.

As the youngest was already nearly three, it was easier to take the group photos – when there is a younger baby in the family it is much harder to get him to co-operate, and to look at the camera and smile. This little cutie was so photogenic; he loved the attention and really performed amazingly!

I love taking pictures of families, and I suggest parents bring their children at least once a year to have quality photos. The kids are growing and developing and it's amazing to see the difference each year, and document their growth.

Do you want to have nice photos for your family? Let's talk today. We can take the photos in my studio, in your own house, or outdoors – Manchester weather permitting!

Time flies, and before you realise it, the kids are big and leave the house. This is the time to create beautiful photos memories that will last forever, as these moments never come back...

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