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Green Screen

It all started with a green screen...

When Mr Avrumy Samet called me that he needs a video filming on a green screen,

I was really excited to do it. Mr Samet is a singer, and talented video editor Arnon

Almasi from Israel was going to create an amazing clip for him for his new song. Mr

Almasi had requested Mr Samet to send him the clip on a green scene and he asked

me to do it. I was so happy to help, to contribute my part to this professional singer’s

clips, especially as this was my first time doing this.

You’re probably wondering what all this ‘green screen’ is about. On the pictures here

you can see the singer standing in front of the green screen, with a green floor cloth

as well. What’s so special about this? Why green and not white?

When a video editor removes an object from a background to change to another

background, there can be colour transference,

Digital sensors, unlike film, are highly sensitive to the colour green, and since

human skin tones contain no green, this prevents any background

interference. (Even though we talk about people being green from jealousy!)

This process can technically be performed with any color, but green is preferred

because this colour is one of the furthest from skin tone. This prevents your skin

from being cancelled out in the final video.

It was a really interesting experience for me and I was amazed to see the fabulous

results that Arnon Almasi produced with this clip. The text and the picture of the Beis

Hamikdash (Holy Temple) are really nice as well. It’s amazing to see what great

editing and designing you can create nowadays and I am proud to have been part of


What impressed me as well was how Mr Samet, Mr Almasi and I all did what we do

best and the collaboration produced excellent results.

To contact Arnon Almasi for amazing video editing call +972 50-272-1290.


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