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This is baby Karim.

His parents contacted me and said that as their baby is turning 1 year old, they would like nice photos of him, as well as the family together.

Karim and his family have moved to Manchester from Sudan. I really enjoyed meeting them when they came to my studio – I love meeting people from different places.

At first, the baby was very overwhelmed by the camera and the flashes which made it really challenging to take photos of him, so we did the family portraits first. When his parents were holding him he became happy and relaxed, and afterwards we were able to get some really good shots of Karim alone.

They wanted a big photo to hang on their wall, so now they can enjoy looking at it every day. I'm really looking forward to photograph them again next year when Karim will celebrate his 2nd birthday.

Birthdays are a fantastic milestone to celebrate with our dear family members and family portraits are a great way to capture the special day.

These photos will remind you of the special moment that fly away so quickly.

Call me today and we can discuss your next photo session 07757695599


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