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Leah Michaelovitz

Here are the photos I photographed for Lea Michaelovitz. Lea opened her business, creating beautiful platters of fruits, breakfast, and much more. She loves sending her beautiful designs for various occasions, and people were always amazed by the stunning creations, telling her she needed to open a business – and she did.

She called me to come and take photos of the designs. Have a look at how gorgeous they are.

The first photo: I came to Lea with my gear. The second photo: I was in the hospital, and Lea really needed the photo.

While recovering from ankle surgery in the hospital, I explained to Lea my situation to her and offered to have it brought to the hospital.

She agreed, and my husband brought my camera. When Lea arrived, everyone was amazed by the beautiful arrangement. With the staff's help, we created a white background using a bedsheet hung on the curtain. I took the photo and edited it on my laptop right away.

The third photo: I was already at home, and Lea came to me with the design.

I'm looking forward to continuing adding photos of the upcoming designs – stay tuned.

For breakfast platters or beautiful arrangements, reach out to Lea Michaelovitz. She puts her heart into her work:


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