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Pre-Bat Mitzvah Photo Session

Looking for the perfect gift to give a girl before her bat mitzvah? Well, I have an idea that is sure to make her smile and treasure the memories forever—a personalized portrait album.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Shoshana on a beautiful day, and we had an incredible time capturing some stunning shots together.

We began our photo session at Mandley Park, where I love to take pictures near the old building, surrounded by different textures and backgrounds. The park provided a picturesque backdrop for Shoshana's portraits.

The vibrant greenery and the timeless architecture created a unique atmosphere, making each shot truly special.

As we continued our session, we saw stunning flowers just outside the front of a house. The blossoming flowers added an extra touch of beauty to Shoshana's portraits. It was as if nature itself was celebrating her upcoming bat mitzvah.

While walking, I couldn't help but notice intriguing textures that, to the ordinary eye, might not seem particularly interesting. However, from the right angle and with a keen photographer's eye, these textures transformed into a nice elements of the composition.

Two particular photos beautifully showcased the magic of discovering hidden beauty in unexpected places.

Behind the scenes

Throughout the session, Shoshana's genuine sweetness and joy shone through, making every shot even more remarkable.

As a photographer, I believe that capturing authentic moments and emotions is what truly brings photographs to life.

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

Introducing our New Bat Mitzvah Photography Packages!

Is your daughter about to turn 12? Are you looking for a gift that she will cherish for years to come? Let me share with you the upcoming Bat Mitzvah packages that I am launching these days.

  1. Pre-Bat Mitzvah Photoshoot: Capture stunning portraits of the Bat Mitzvah girl herself. It can be a solo session or include the entire family and siblings. This is a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful family portraits and capture this special milestone.

  2. Bat Mitzvah Party Coverage: During the Bat Mitzvah celebration, I will be there to capture all the precious moments. With me taking care of the photography, you can fully enjoy the event and spend time with your guests. You can relive the memories through the photographs long after the party ends.

  3. Videography Services: Want to create a video clip of your daughter singing a song or capture the entire event on video? I can help you with that! Whether it's a music video-style recording or documenting the entire ceremony, I have the expertise to create a memorable video for you.

  4. Emotional Presentation: Bring all the photos and videos of your daughter since she was a baby, and I will create a stunning and emotional presentation video with her favourite music. It's incredibly heart-warming to see the growth and memories unfold, and you can enjoy it for years to come. Additionally, if you have family and friends who couldn't attend, I can incorporate their blessings through short videos into the presentation.

  5. Photography Workshop: I offer a fun and creative workshop where the girls can learn how to photograph each other and capture the best portraits. It's an engaging activity that not only entertains the girls but also imparts valuable photography skills.

  6. Nature Trip: As a final option, I can take the girls on a stunning nature trip where the girls can enjoy being active and enjoy nature. We can explore beautiful outdoor locations and capture some breath-taking shots. Afterward, you can have a picnic or dine at a local restaurant to complete the experience.

Whatever package you choose, let's have a chat to discuss your preferences and find the option that suits you and your daughter best. I'm excited to be a part of this special journey and help create lasting memories for your family.


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