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Walking Group

I am usually known for my photography – Boruch Hashem I am very busy in the community, taking lots of lovely pictures for people, But today I want to talk about my second business, My Walking Groups.

I have always had two main loves in my life – travelling and photography – and this new venture combines them both. My long-term dream is actually to travel around the world, taking pictures of Jewish communities and how they celebrate simchos in many different places.

A few years ago I joined the Ramblers Association, and I very much enjoyed walking in the lovely English countryside. I love discovering new places, and of course, my camera always comes with me!

When Covid-19 changed everything, the walks were discontinued so I started walking by myself. I discovered the beautiful green areas around the River Irwell and I really fell in love with it! It surprises me how many Manchester people don’t even know about these treasures on their doorstep! Peel Park, Drinkwater Park, and the Cliffs are all so beautiful – I wanted to share my discoveries with everyone! I have also found other places of interest in Manchester, for example, did you know there is a 17th-century Jewish cemetery in Pendleton?

My mother kept encouraging me to take other women with me on the walks, pointing out how much they would also enjoy and benefit, and eventually, I took her advice and started advertising. I was pleasantly surprised with the response I got; so many women were interested. I realised that they want to walk but need someone to guide and lead them. After all, one could theoretically walk 20 times around Broughton Park every day, but it gets so boring. Why not do your walks in other beautiful places which are also very near?

My passion is to help women discover the beautiful world Hashem has given us whilst at the same time walking for health; it’s the best exercise you can do!

The benefits that I have found amongst the women in my walking groups are fabulous. First of all, it is a very healthy form of ‘me time’. Going out into nature, and especially walking outside, releases endorphins which really benefit everyone. I see the difference in the way the women come back from the walks – they are so much calmer and happier! Walking is a lovely way of investing in your mental and physical health. It is also great for networking and making new friends at the same time! It is amazing to notice how the women who walk regularly with me really build up their stamina and are much more able to walk faster and for longer.

We hold our walks regardless of the weather – you just need to wear suitable walking shoes and raincoats – actually I advise the women to always bring rain gear with – in sunny Manchester it is always good to be prepared for rain!

Now I'm working on updating the website with the walking maps so that everyone can enjoy the walks.


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