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Exploring Plymouth and Bath

I've always wanted to visit Bath, and the opportunity finally came.

We planned a trip to Plymouth, and on our way, we made a stop in Bath.

We set off from Manchester on Thursday noon, and this time, we decided to try an electric car.

To our surprise, charging the battery took longer than expected, and we had to make several stops along the way.

Arriving in Bath early in the evening was a treat. The charm of the old streets was captivating.

Bath is truly unique, being the only city in the UK designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We strolled through the historic streets, taking in the atmosphere. While many people visit Bath to see the Roman Baths, we opted to explore the streets and enjoy nature.

We skipped the museum visit, which was quite pricey at £26 per person. Nevertheless, with so many photos, it felt like we had experienced it.

On Friday morning, after a leisurely walk alongside the canal, we packed up and headed to Plymouth.

Our apartment was conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from the sea and a 5-minute walk from the synagogue.

We kept things simple during our stay, bringing a hotplate and freshly baked challah and simple food from home.

We also picked up some fresh fruits and vegetables from the local shop.

Friday evening, we went to the synagogue. While Plymouth doesn't have a thriving Jewish community anymore, the synagogue is still open and well-maintained.

Shabbos morning was serene and peaceful. I took a stroll by the sea during sunrise, enjoying the quiet beauty of the moment while learning about the local history.

Later, we returned to the synagogue, and this time, more people joined. Afterward, we were invited to partake in the Kiddush. Hot drinks and delicious cake were served as we chatted and got to know other attendees.

It was interesting to hear their stories, learn where they came from, and gain insights into life in Plymouth in general.

Later in the afternoon, we went out to visit the central park and the seaside. At this time of day, it was bustling with so many people enjoying the seaside.

Overall, our trip to Plymouth and Bath was a delightful mix of exploration, relaxation, and simplicity.


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