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Visiting York

After a long business project that I was busy with I told myself that when I'm done (it really encouraged me to keep going) I'll treat myself with something nice.

A treat is something every person views differently. For some it might mean; A good meal A new book Coffee with a friend Spa/ massage And so on...

For me, it's to travel somewhere nice, explore a new place that I have never been to before.

I would love to know, how do you pamper yourself?

I chose to visit York, as I haven’t been there before.

Here are some photos from my visit. I joined a fantastic guided tour that explained about the history of the place, and afterwards I enjoyed some shopping in the cobbled streets.

There are more things to see in York, like the famous Clifford’s Tower which has a very sad Jewish history, but I didn't have the time to see them.

I hope to go there again and explore more of the city.

Which interesting place have you visited recently?


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