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Lighting Shop

Here are some pictures which I photographed for a local Lighting Shop, HNW Electrical. It is a really stunning shop; they have so much variety and so many beautiful pieces, both modern and classic, which will instantly upgrade any room.

The shop is heaven for people who are renovating their house and want to add lights in the best possible way. The staff are really knowledgeable about their products and are experts at guiding their customers towards making the best choices. A light fitting has to match the room, both in size and style, and having expert advice makes all the difference in picking the right piece.

It's important to have Professional Photos on your website so people can see the best that your shop has to offer. Photos can be used on websites/adverts/flyers social media and more, but they have to be GOOD pictures to show what you are selling and to encourage people to buy!

I also took photos of the back as the shop, as they sell for wholesale and for the proprietors it was important to show their prospective customers all they have to offer.

What do you sell? Do you want to upgrade your website pictures for ones that will sell better? Give me a call 07757695599– I am happy to come round to your shop or warehouse and have a chat about what I can do for you.


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