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Richard contacted us through a special promotion that Thomas and I were running. Thomas is a content writer, and we both offered a special package that includes LinkedIn profile copywriting and a headshot package.

Richard reached out, saying he wanted to upgrade his LinkedIn profile and website. New photos and new copywriting were exactly what he needed. We scheduled a Zoom consultation where Richard told me about his business and the kind of photos he needed. I explained how our process works.

We agreed on a time and location, and when the day arrived, we met in Manchester city centre. We weren't sure if it was going to rain, but the weather was nice. We started walking, finding great locations and posing ideas while Richard shared more about his business. Richard also had fantastic ideas for great photos that I really liked!

For example, Richard told me he used to live in Manchester city centre and pointed to the high building where he lived many years ago. He wanted his photos to reflect both the old and new aspects of Manchester. We took a photo near the BEA sign, which is a well-known Manchester landmark that represents the city's history and culture. Richard also liked the idea of having a photo near the trees as he loves gardening, which means a lot to him.

Additionally, we took pictures that were 'outside the box,' more interesting, and perfect for his LinkedIn profile.

At the end, it started to rain, so we quickly went to a nearby café to choose the photos.

Richard was thrilled with his photos and wrote this lovely review. ''I hired Tova to take some photos of me to improve my LinkedIn profile and to use in other areas of my professional work.

Those who know me will understand that I am not used to being photographed and I must admit to being a little anxious about how things would work out!

Tova made the whole process easy and fun and immediately put me at my ease, which helped produce some great results.''

If you would like to upgrade you own business headshot, let's book a free consultation where I can hear more about you and your business. Call today + (0) 44 7757695599 or email


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