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Martin approached me to upgrade his personal branding images, and since I had previously photographed many Smartinet staff members for their headshots, I was familiar with the company's services.

Smartinet is a communication company specializing in Business Telecom & Card Payment Services, offering reliability, transparency, and flexibility. They prioritize efficient customer service, tailored plans, and dedicated support to ensure uninterrupted operations.

During our photo session, we aimed to connect their audience with their communication brand and the high-quality headphones they sell. We captured images showcasing the ability to work from anywhere, even on the go, with their products.

But we didn't stop at photos. We also did some video filming, gathering testimonials from satisfied local clients. It was quite easy, as their clients were more than happy to provide feedback. Smartinet are doing the video editing in-house. And as soon as the videos are ready, I can't wait to share it with you all. Testimonials are a powerful way to showcase a business's reputation.

With a bank of images and videos, Martin is now well-equipped to boost Smartinet's brand awareness in the coming months.

If you're seeking to enhance your business's branding, don't hesitate to get in touch—I'd be delighted to help your business shine. Contact me today at:


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