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What is Personal Branding Photography?

Do you know the difference between a Corporate Headshot and Personal Branding?

A headshot is a regular portrait picture that you can use for your LinkedIn profile, website or other publicity needs.

Portrait that can be used for an About Me page

Personal branding is more than that; personal branding is a way to brand – and sell – yourself.

You are your business and you are special. How are you going to let your potential clients know that?

Let’s take an example of a lawyer. There are so many layers that do exactly the same as you do, they work in the same city, they have the same diplomas and the same pricing...

What makes you stand out of the crowd? How do you encourage potential clients to choose you over all the other lawyers who do the same thing as you?

The edge that you have over everyone else is all that is unique to you. You are yourself, with your individual ways of working and connecting with your clients.

No one is exactly like you, and your challenge is to find a way to sell those unique parts of yourself, so that people can connect with your personality and make an informed decision to deliberately choose you over all the other lawyers that come up on Google...

So, the million dollar question is, how do you do this? What is the secret formula to attract clients?

Here is where personal branding comes in.

Personal branding photoshoot headshot Manchester studio
Showcase what you do, Beth is a personal coach and in the photo we see her talking with a 'client'

The old adage says, a picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this truer than on online platforms. The pictures are what grab the attention of the visitor to your profile or site, and, if done correctly, are what makes the difference between a mediocre profile and a successful one.

a man seating in his office, personal branding photography Manchester photographer
Showing your work environment will give your client the chance to get to know more about you

So, to go back to our lawyer who is trying to sell himself. Perhaps he posts a blog about how he works until very late at night, well past midnight, and drinks numerous cups of coffee (black!) to keep awake and focused. His clients are happy and he feels he is very successful at his job.

He can very easily find a picture – on a free online gallery – of a cup of coffee, or even a man drinking a coffee, and then feel good that he is being so economical and saving on business expenses.

Alternatively, the lawyer can use a picture of himself sitting at his laptop, kettle and coffee cup at his side, and the clock behind him showing 2 am!

Which do you think would more likely show the real you and attract more clients?

Which do you think potential clients would connect with more?

a traditional headshot that can be used for a profile picture, headshot, Manchester photographer photography  Salford studio
a traditional headshot that can be used for a profile picture

It’s like when people go to networking groups and build relationships because they meet, and talk to people, and then watch how their business gains new clients and grows. The online equivalent of this is by helping people connect to your individuality through good pictures which tell your story.

As a professional photographer with much experience, both through building up my own business, as well as helping my clients boost their own enterprises with top quality pictures, I can help you tell your story by photography which is specifically catered to your needs.

Call me to share your vision of how I can help you brand, and sell yourself, through the perfect pictures.

Phone: 07757695599



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