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8 Marketing Ideas

Are you starting a new business? Would you like to get some marketing ideas?

There are many ways you can market your business. As you read through these tips you will find some that are a good fit for you. You enjoy doing them, they are easy for you, and they work. Some tips, however, are a big NO for you!

Pick up what makes you happy and stick to it. You don't have to do EVERYTHING, but try to improve the methods which you do use, and do them as best as you can.

It's ok to try different things until you find what works best for you, for your personality and for your services, and of course for your target market.

Here I'll share with you 8 excellent tips all about how to market your business!

1. First of all, always remember that whatever business you are working at, it is your responsibility to try your best, but at the end of the day, the results are up to G-d. ‘G-d helps those who help themselves!’

Whatever you do, pray to G-d that it should bring you great results.

From my experience, I see many times I do my hishtadlut – I.e. I put in my efforts in one way and the results come from a totally different direction. As long as you sincerely try, G-d will help you. It’s all up to Him.

2. When marketing your business it's important to stay on budget and use only money you have.

In the beginning it's important to make sure to use all the 'free ways ' of marketing.

Some of them may take time but it's vital that your potential clients get to know you.

3. Talk, talk and talk

Keep talking and telling people about what you do. Those people may just be looking for your services now and you are telling them what you do at the right time. Maybe they will need your services in the future or perhaps their friends or family will need your services. Everyone you talk to knows other people and can always pass on your info when they hear someone looking for what you offer.

4. Networking events

These are excellent ways to get to know new people, to establish new relationships and to learn to think out of the box.

When going to networking events it's important to set up realistic goals so you feel like you achieve them.

I'll share with you my goals which work for me.

1. To build a relationship with 1-3 people.

It's important to keep this connection going with a 1-2-1 afterwards.

If you go to a group and you try to get to know everyone, you will probably finish the event by not getting to know anyone.

2. It's good to have your business cards with you, but more importantly to get the other person's details. If they don't have a card, can you connect with them on social media? Or simply ask them for their contact information.

That way you can give them a call/ send them an email.

3. Listen to what others have to say and don't sell to them. If someone is looking for your services, that’s fantastic but mainly try to think of networking as collaboration and getting to know new people.

5. Social media

There are so many platforms that you can use to market your business.

Whatever platform you use here are my tips.

1. Make sure it's not time consuming. It's so easy to waste time just by scrolling through; without even realising it you have easily wasted an hour and actually didn't market your business very much.

2. Better to be on one platform and do it 100% then to spread out on five platforms and give each one just 20% of quality.

3. Is your audience market there? Are you getting results? If yes, fantastic! If not... maybe it's time for a change?

4. Notification. Do you need all those notifications every 2 minutes which disturb you from doing other things, and interrupt your concentration?

It's better to switch off all the notifications (unless they are critical for you), and set up times when you concentrate on social media only.

6. Print advertising

It's super important that you show your business in advertising.

But of course only if you see results!

Sometimes it can take time, but if your clients tell you that they saw you in the advertiser then you know it's working.

I have spoken to a few business owners who told me they don't advertise because they don't want people to think that they are desperate or that they are not busy.

My answer to this is:

1. If your business is so busy that you can't take any more clients, then I understand. But why don't you grow your business and have room for new clients?

2. If you are looking for more clients and don't advertise because you don't want people to think you don't have enough, let me tell you this: it's important that your potential clients see you all the time as maybe now they don't need your services but in the future, when they do need you, they will know where to find you. And secondly, doesn't Coca-Cola advertise regularly? They are very successful and still you can see their adverts everywhere.

7. Email campaigns

These are also wonderful tools for marketing your business. Keep collecting email addresses from previous clients and potential clients and keep reminding them about how you can help them

It's important to use a quality mailing campaign company so if people want to unsubscribe they can do it easily, but if you send interesting and useful emails to your marketing audience they will wait to get your emails and will enjoy them.

8. Sharing your knowledge

To share your knowledge, giving others tips from your own experiences, is a wonderful way to let people get to know you better.

Many people don't want to share because they say that everyone knows whatever they know but you have to remember that there will always be people who know less than you, however much you know. Also you are the only one with YOUR experiences, and only you can share that with others.

Sometimes people are hesitant to share their knowledge because they are worried they will lose business if they share their ideas with others. In fact the opposite is true.

I heard a nice example a long time ago.

In Israel, there are large bodies of water, the Kineret and the Dead Sea. What's the difference between them?

The Kineret is sweet water and the Dead Sea is salty. Why is that? Because the Kineret takes water from other streams and gives it away from herself to other streams. There is a flow, energy!

On the other hand, the Dead Sea only gets but doesn't share. It doesn't give any water to others so it’s very salty!

Be happy to become an expert in your field and share your knowledge. Find ways to write/ talk / teach about what you do.

I hope you find these tips useful. Do you have any ideas to share? I would love to hear them.

*all photos in this post are from Unsplash and Wix


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