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I was so embarrassed....

Why? Keep reading...

A while ago I was part of a local BNI networking group (I needed to put it on hold for a while, but am hoping to restart soon.)

Alexander wanted to visit our group to promote his content writing business.

He asked me for the day, time and location and I gave him the details but he couldn't come for a while.

Then the group changed the location due to construction in the restaurant where they met and when Alexander asked again about coming, I gave him the new address but again he couldn't come. This went on a few more times, with the networking group changing venue a few times, and Alexander asking me for the details and then having to cancel.

Finally he was able to come and I made sure to give him the correct details and wished him good luck. I wasn’t able to join the meeting that day as I had something else planned.

At noon time I opened my email and was shocked to see a message from Alexander. He said that he arrived at the venue and no one was there; it was all dark and empty.

I was so embarrassed! I checked the email that I had sent him and realised that I had given him the wrong address – and now it’s too late – the meeting was already over!

Of course I emailed back, and phoned him to apologise. He was really nice about it and assured me mistakes can happen to everyone...

I still felt bad and I was thinking how I can compensate him for his wasted time. So I decided to offer him two complementary pictures in my studio! I offered him my compensation gift and he told me that for a long while he has wanted to renew his LinkedIn Profile Picture, so my offer was really tempting for him.

Alexander came to my new studio and I photographed him in different outfits and poses. He was thrilled with his pictures and this is what he wrote for me on LinkedIn…

’’Like many people, I felt a bit out of my comfort zone when it came to going for a professional photoshoot. However, I am so glad I had the pleasure of going to Tova and her new studio for my professional photos. Tova instantly makes you feel at ease, is very welcoming and has a fun, warm way of getting you to relax which makes for much more natural, better pictures.

Tova is a highly-talented, fantastic photographer, so of course, I was very happy with the final images that came from the shoot and ended up enjoying the experience very much. I wouldn't hesitate to go to Tova again in the future or recommend her professional photography services to anyone who could do with a personal brand refresh, or just some really nice new photos!’’

Do you need to upgrade your headshot? If yes, let's have a chat. (and I will try not to give you the right address for my studio... Don’t worry, I’m just kidding!)


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