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Bar Mitzvah

I was so excited to get a phone call from Shana asking me to come and photograph their sons Bar Mitzva which was shortly to take place. I was the photographer for her previous Bar Mitzva and it was really nice to see the family again, and to see the new additions to the family; the daughters-in-law and grandchild.

I love taking Bar Mitzva photos as it is so nice for me to be part of such happy occasions and to capture this happiness and excitement for the family.

The event was in Apiryon, a lovely hall where I have worked quite a few times. It always interests me to see how each family brings their own vibes and makes the event look so different from one another.

I arrived earlier than the guests so we could start by taking family portraits. These are photos that the family will treasure forever.

We had so much fun. I enjoyed every minute because I really love my job.

Alex the grandchild is a real sweetheart and everyone loved him straight away. It adds so much to the charm of family photos to have a little child there, especially if he is the special first grandchild!

After the guests arrived I went around the tables with Shana so she could sit with them while I took nice photographs of each table.

Is your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzva coming soon? Or do you know anyone that is preparing for this special day?

I'll love if you can put them in touch with me so we can have a no-commitment meeting to see if I can help them to create stunning memories.

Remember, you prepared for the event for so long... the Bar Mitzvah boy has spent hours, days and weeks practicing his speech and Torah portion. You have spent so long on shopping and arranging all the clothes, and organising the event itself... Finally the long awaited day arrives and you enjoy precious time with your family. But after a few hours it's all over... unless you have really good pictures with which you can relive and enjoy the love of your family, and to remember again and again the special event and the sweet memories.

And just by the way, imagine how proud your son will be to show his Bar Mitzva pictures to his wife and children after he gets married!

Call me today at 07757695599 or email:


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