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Bury Synagogue

One of the difficult challenges of the Covid lockdowns was the shutting of Houses of Worship, leaving people feeling very cut off from their spiritual source of inspiration and community. Spiritual leaders had to make some hard decisions about how to keep their members connected, and they came up with some novel ideas.

In Bury Synagogue, the cantor decided to video the choir and to send it to the members to watch at home. He got such good feedback that he decided to do it this year as well. Even though the restrictions have now lifted and people can once again worship as in the past, there are still many elderly and vulnerable people who are choosing to stay home, so the Synagogue decided to repeat their successful project this year again.

I was asked me to come to the Synagogue to video them singing. It was really a very special experience for me, which I enjoyed very much. The singing was beautiful, and the solidarity being displayed was so touching. I was privileged to have been part of this venture.

If you need video filming or video editing, let me know as I would love to help.

Why not have a 20 minute chat with me, so we can discuss your ideas.


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