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Family Bryshe


I had such a nice phone-call one day; a woman called me that her sister-in-law had given birth to a new baby and she wanted to buy her a gift voucher for family photos as a baby present. What a nice idea! A present that will truly be appreciated for years to come!

Getting out with a new baby is not always so easy, so it did take a bit of time for Bruria and her family to come, but eventually they managed, and I was thrilled to welcome the parents with their three cute children to my studio.

We had such a great session. There was a lot of fun and laughter as I photographed the family portraits as well as of the children themselves. It’s very important to me that my clients not only receive beautiful, professional pictures, but also enjoy their photography session.

I love my job! I love being able to capture these wonderful moments that people will treasure forever. It is so important to have professional portraits all the family together, especially now that we all have digital cameras; we are constantly busy taking photos but hardly ever print them as we can see them straight away on the screen. Also, one member of the family is usually missing in the photos because he/she is taking the photo. In years to come, professional photos are such special things to have and look back. To remember how the kids were small. Time flies, and if we don’t stop and capture the moments they will be gone, and you may really regret it.

My mission is to photograph families at least once a year with a beautiful portrait that they will treasure forever!!

After the photography session I asked Bruria to answer these questions. I really like her answers as they are very insightful.

Tell me more about you, your background, and where you were born and raised.

My husband Dov was born and raised here in Manchester. He works as a low intensity CBT practitioner.

I lived in Zurich, Switzerland although my mother is Mancunian. I work in BSS Sem, in the office.

We have been married for 10 years - lived in Manchester all the time.

Can you give 3 tips for people who want to succeed in their family life?

1. Make time to talk/spend quality time together, phone free!

2. Try and keep work to work and home to home

3. Give back to the community and give children a strong sense of belonging to family/community/klal yisroel.

How would you define these words:

Success doing what you set out to do never mind how small,

Happiness accepting what you are given even when it's not what you want/hoped for.

If you could do something differently what would it be?

Exercise more, eat healthier

What 3 values do you think you have delivered to your kids?

1. A strong sense of identity.

2. Acceptance of people for who they are irrelevant of who we are.

3. Valuing Torah as more than just a thing to learn but as an embodiment of how Hashem wants us to live.

4. Emuna that whatever happens in their lives comes from HKBH and He will help them get through it.

This is 4, not 3, but they are all important!

If you would write a book about your life, what would you call it?

How to make mistakes and keep on going

Who gives you inspiration?

Our Grandparents, for both of us

How do you keep the balance between family and work?

It's a struggle but putting phones away at meal times and trying to use Shabbos and Yom Tov days to connect

What's the biggest gift you would want to get from your kids

Smiles, being happy to see us, and to accept each other for who they become.

What do you wish for yourself and your family for the future?

To continue having fun moments and creating memories together, whatever comes our way.

And Bruria wrote me this lovely review in Google Maps. It’s always nice to get such beautiful feedback:

Tova was really great! She was amazing with the kids! Gorgeous photos and fabulous service. Would really recommend!


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