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Knives Photography (before & after photos)

Knives. Not exactly the most exciting thing to photograph...

As visitors to my website can see, I specialise in portrait photography, but when Rachel called me after seeing my work on LinkedIn, I was eager to accept the challenge.

Photos client took by herself
Photos client took by herself

My first love is definitely photographing people; there is always so much life and vitality in the pictures.

(I was going to say that my first love is shooting people, but that sounds rather murderous...

although a photo session is called a photo shoot, isn’t it?! So I will stick to the more proper word – photography!)

To get back to what I was saying before I interrupted myself, I really prefer taking pictures of people, but I do product photography when asked. I am happy to help businesses showcase their products with good quality pictures.

Rachel showed up at my door with her case of knives, (goodness, we really are being morbid today!)She works for the Berdah Knife Company, whose products are made in Thiers, well known as the European capital of cutlery making for the past 800 years.

If you ever thought a knife was just a knife, and what is the difference between two different pieces, once you meet Berdah you will definitely be more educated! After all, a quality sharp knife is the key to a good meal, as any expert chef – or simple kitchen mum – will attest to. Berdah boasts that by selecting one of their knives, you will no longer have to choose between sharpness, beauty, practicality or toughness – these knives simply have it all, and to top it off, are guaranteed for life. I was certainly intrigued by all this and was determined to do Rachel – and Berdah – proud.

Rachel tried to take pictures of her knives by herself but was not pleased with the results; consequently she decided that it would be a good business investment to have professional pictures taken.

I was really pleased how well the pictures came out, and so was Rachel; in her review she kindly wrote - Absolutely one of the best photographers I have ever worked with, combining artistic talent and professionalism. I strongly recommend Tova Schprecher.

What pictures do you think might give your business and website a real boost? Your products or your staff? Call me for a chat to see how I can help your business take off to new heights. 07757695599


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