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Photos in Pollard Yard

I have known Andrew for a long time. After we met in my BNI group, we kept up a good relationship, and last December Andrew cam to take pictures with his mom. I am always amazed to see how Andrew takes such good care of his mother, especially now after his dear father passed away.

Nothing prepared me to find such a creative place. Situated in Pollard Yard

Photos in the office space

Andrew has wanted to have personal branding pictures for a long time and it was continually delayed because of Covid-19. Eventually we booked a time and Andrew had an idea to have his friend Adam join the session as well, as Adam has also been wanting high-quality photos for his website. In general this is often a good idea; somehow there is a positive flow of energy when two friends join together for a photo shoot, which really enhances the session.

Creative headshot

Andrew supports businesses in offering them Virtual Business Support and Virtual Management solutions and Adam helps businesses develop and implement successful marketing and social media strategies.

We had booked a date in September to take the pictures and since the weather had already starting turning chilly, I was pleasantly surprised with the hot Summer day that it turned out to be!

I met Andrew in the tram station and we walked together to Adam’s office. Nothing prepared me to find such a creative place. Situated in Pollard Yard – a series of shipping containers which have been developed into offices, Adam has made such creative use of the space. I was really inspired to see what can be done with such basic premises.

a series of shipping containers which have been developed into offices

We started our photo shoot in Adam’s office – it has been beautifully decorated with so much creativity that it was the perfect background for their pictures. I took pictures in various classic office poses, with the businessmen at their computers, talking on the phone, and the like.

Afterwards we went to the fabulous coffee shop in the complex

After taking as many indoor pictures as we could, we went outside to find the ideal location for the rest of our session. This was harder than we thought – the hot weather and direct sun causes very strong shadows which affect outdoor pictures significantly. But as always, I enjoy the challenge to come to an unknown place and find the perfect spot, and sure enough, find it we did!

Pollard Yard is located near the Ashton Canal, and as we walked towards the water, I realised the tow path provided me with exactly what I was looking for; beautiful background and perfect lighting. As you can see, the Canal pictures are really excellent, and as we walked back to the office to wrap up our session, we took some more pictures in interesting spots along the way.

Andrew had an unexpected bonus – as we were taking pictures, he met his wife walking their dog, so I offered to take a spontaneous picture of the couple together!

Personal Branding Photoshoot

Adam and Andrew’s photo shoot was for me, the perfect photographers challenge; using my professional eye to spot the ideal backgrounds and locations incorporating whichever circumstances that particular day brings. In this case it was the bright sunlight which made things more difficult, but ultimately, challenges are what I enjoy best as they become the backdrop for increased professionalism.

What will we encounter on YOUR personal photo shoot? Call me to schedule a time and location and let’s see where it will lead us! 077757695599 or email me:


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