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See this cute little boy? His mother brought him to me to take some pictures ahead of a very special occasion.

Menachem is almost three and he is going to be having his ‘upsherin’ – his very first haircut very soon.

Traditionally, Jewish boys only get their first ever haircut at their third birthday, resulting in lots of little boys with long hair being mistaken for girls!

This past week was Lag Be’omer, a day when traditionally many people do this first haircut for boys whose 3rd birthday falls around this time of year.

It’s always amazing to see how these little boys – toddlers really, suddenly become big boys when their long hair is cut off! They seem to grow so much older in that short space of time! That’s why so many mothers like to have professional pictures taken just before their “upsherin” to remind themselves how their little boys looked like before they suddenly became big! These pictures are always cherished, way more than other regular portraits as the children grow up, because they mark that important transition in their lives.

Are you celebrating any special family milestones that you would like to preserve the memories o fin a very special way? Call me to find the perfect package for you and your family.


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