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Upsherin & Kids

Ruthie contacted me before her son’s upsherin (first haircut for boys) as she very much wanted some ‘before and after’ pictures of Avishai.

Little boys suddenly look so much older after their first traditional haircut and many mothers like to capture this change with professional pictures. It’s quite amazing how they change from a toddler to a little boy in that short time when their first haircut takes place.

Look at these pictures – it’s hard to believe it’s the same little boy, and that the second set of pictures were taken only a short while after the first. Avishai looks like he is five years old now!

As you remember, when I started photography in Israel, upsherin photos were what I specialised in, so I am always happy to go back to my first photography love.

At the same time as taking upsherin pictures, Ruthie thought it would be the perfect opportunity for some new family pictures as she hadn’t taken any for some time.

The children were lovely and we had a great time together.

Take the opportunity to bring in your children for a family picture – the children grow so fast that you will treasure these pictures forever.

Photo after Upsherin (mother's camera)
Photo after Upsherin (mother's camera)

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