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After a long break I'm now getting back to my routine.

We had a lovely vacation in Antwerp and it was really nice to meet all my family. In this post I would like to share with you some of the photos I took.

When we got to Antwerp, my sister-in-law asked me to photograph her beautiful children with their new costumes. The weather in the park was optimal for photography, and I found a tree that was covered in a stunning pink blossom that I knew would form a fantastic backdrop for photos. (After a few days the bloom disappeared and the tree turned completely green; I was so glad we were able to enjoy the flowers and take advantage of the lovely pink colour for the photos.)

As you can see, my sister-in-law has two daughters and a son, and we had such a

lovely time going around the park and taking some great photos. Unfortunately my

brother-in-law couldn't join as he was busy with work, but I hope next time we meet

we will have the opportunity for a full family portrait.

It's always nice to capture photos before holidays when the children wear new clothing, and especially Passover time, when the Spring weather is so perfect for outdoor pictures.

I have been to Antwerp so many times and I always like to explore the city, especially the old parts. In these photos you can see some of the Antwerp Historic Centre, old buildings and beautiful architecture.

We went to:

1. A beautiful park called Puyenbroeck where kids could enjoy a large and well equipped playing area, bicycles and sailing in the lake.

2. Koksijde where my other sister in law runs a kosher hotel, just 8 minute’s walk from the beach. It was really nice to see them and walk around the small boutiques in the village.

3. Grotten van Haan, where we walked for about 90 minutes with a guide who explained everything about the Stalactite cave. Afterwards we travelled with a train around the safari and saw many animals. There was also an option to walk instead of taking the train but it was too hot, so hopefully next time we can walk the paths as it looks like a very good adventure.

There is so much to see in Antwerp and the cities around it, I'm really looking forward to our next holiday to explore more...


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